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Enjoying The Great Benefits From Vitamins

Vitamins are need by the body in order for it to serve a lot of important pupose. But there are a lot of people that are not sure on what are the benefits that they can get from vitamins. So this article will provide you with the five super benefits that you can get from taking in vitamins.

1. Healthy Vision – if you want to have a healthy vision, you should consider taking Vitamin A and vitamin B2. You might be facing a number of health conditions with your vision if you do not take in enough of these vitamins. If you have a deficiency in these vitamins, then you will be having the medical condition which is called the night blindness which would not allow you to see in the dark.

2. Health growth – there are a number of B-complex vitamins that is needed in order to produce new cells for the body. You will need the vitamins B9 and B12 for your body to create the RNA or ribonucleic acid and DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. Both RNA and DNA contain essential genetic information that includes the instructions that are required in the creation of new cells. You will have a great chance of developing some growth issues if you will not have the enough intake of these vitamins.

3. Healing of the wounds – you will need to take in vitamin K, vitamin B5, and vitamin C in order to have a proper healing of your wounds. A lot of studies have shown that the proper healing of a wound is contributed greatly with enough intake of vitamin B5. While vitamin C will help in the creation of the connective tissue collagen that is needed to heal any type of wound. And if you want to have a proper clotting of your blood, then take in enough amounts of vitamin K. You will have a hard time waiting for your wounds to heal properly if you will have a deficiency in these vitamins.

3. Strong bones – taking in the right amount of vitamin A and vitamin D will help your body get stronger and healthier bones. If you fail to get the right amount of these vitamins, then you will have great chance of developing some bone related health conditions such as rickets that will make your bones swell and fracture, and osteoporosis which will reduce the density of your bones.

5. Strong immune system – you can have a stronger immune system with the right amount of vitamin B-complex intake. Vitamin C also provides some help on the body to produce white blood cells that will fight infections and viruses.

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