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Have A Pleasant Uber or Lyft Ride With These 8 Simple Tips

An Uber or a Lyft ride is more than just another cab ride because it involves a more personal deal with a stranger you entrust to pick you up in a certain location and drive you to your destination. It really matters for you to build a good rapport with your Uber or Lyft driver because this is how you will determine if you had a pleasant ride with them.

Most of the Uber and Lyft drivers are managed by Rideshare Central and they are tasked to monitor each of them to make sure that their customers only get good services from them. To help you get good services, we have talked to various Uber and Lyft drivers under Rideshare Central and we asked them some tips for passengers to get the most of their services.

1. Be accurate with your location during pick ups

Setting an actual pick up point is one of the most effective ways in preventing issues such as difficulty of the driver to locate you. Therefore, if you want to refrain from issues with the pick up location, look for landmarks and be accurate with your description.

2. Give specifications

We all have a preferred route for our destinations so if you want your driver to use the route that you prefer, communicate with them properly. You can also do this to some other specifications because if you want your driver to serve you well, you have to talk everything out to them.

3. Relax all throughout the ride

Never make your driver think that you are thinking bad thoughts about the ride because this will intimidate him and most often, it could lead to a poor service. To prevent such thing from happening, stay relaxed all throughout the ride and make your driver feel like you are comfortable with him.

4. Play your own choice of music

Heavy traffic and long rides can bore both the passenger and the driver so if you wish to spice things up, ask your driver if he can play your music because after all, Uber and Lyft have this special app feature.

5. Start a conversation with your driver

An awkward silence is one of the most common instances that can take place in an Uber or Lyft ride so if you want to prevent this from happening, start a conversation with your driver and open topics such as the weather, latest news updates and politics.

6. Keep the car clean

As much as you hate your own car to be dirty with footprints in the seat cover, Uber and Lyft drivers also have a tendency to be overprotective with their cars and it is your duty as passengers to keep their car as clean as possible.

7. Avoid cancelling your booking

It can be frustrating for any driver to drive to a location where he is supposed to pick up a passenger who did not show up so if you don’t want to hurt your driver’s feelings, avoid cancelling bookings on the last minute.

8. Give them the rating that they deserve

Most Uber and Lyft drivers really rely on your ratings to keep their job so you might want to consider rating them kindly and according to their actual service.

To know more about your Uber and Lyft drivers and the services they have to offer, visit the Rideshare Central website now!

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