A Financial Services Company and The Man Behind It

The financial services industry is a very successful area in business. Such services are needed by businesses worldwide so that they can be successful in what they do best. There are many women and men in the finance world, and all of them have the experience and knowledge to make them great at what they do. Kirk Chewning is a very popular and well known name in the financial services industry. Below, is a little bit more information about him, including his past experience and education, as well as what he is currently doing now.

Previous Positions He Has Held With Different Companies

Kirk obtained his bachelor’s degree in finance at Michigan State University. From there, he went on to hold prestigious positions, such as Vice President for a global bank, as well as Vice President to a web application development firm. In both of those positions, he managed a commercial loan portfolio and did consulting work regarding marketing and research. He then was part owner at Strategic Link Consulting and acted as the CFO. Not only that, but he also served as Vice President at TranDotCom Solutions, a consulting firm that had business ventures worldwide.

His Current Status And Day To Day Life

Now, Kirk is in business with David Johnson and both own Can Bay Partners located on the island of St. Croix. Kirk and David started this company together and specialize in financial modeling, technology architecture, deployment, commercial lending and software development. Kirk assumes the role as the CEO and assists with risk management portfolios from time to time. He and his business partner have also started an educational program for the kids living on the island. Kirk enjoys bowling and is a part of the Tropical Ten Pin bowling league. He actively enjoys teaching life skills and corporate techniques all over North America.

The financial services industry does a lot of work with other companies all over the world. These companies need the financial assistance and know how so that they can focus on their business and making a profit. They look to hire companies that can support their business endeavors, while assessing all risks involved, so that they may make the best decision for their company.