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How to Hire a Good Photographer

Digital photography has made it easier for anyone with a nice camera to act like a pro photographer. But what really are the things that make one a good photographer?

Before you hire a photographer for any purpose, consider the following:


The very first thing you need to do when hiring a photographer is check his portfolio. Focus on the consistency in lighting, edits, color and overall quality of the pictures. Spend more time on photos of events or sessions that are similar to what you’re looking for.

For example, if you want to have a family shoot, look for family photos in he photographer’s portfolio. Some photographers specialize in a particular niche, like weddings, newborn photography, etc. It naturally means that their expertise levels across the different areas of photography are not the same.


This is a crucial point to consider. Even if two photographers use exactly the same equipment, they will always have different outputs. Photography does not merely capture a moment as it existed at some point; it is a reflection of the photographer’s view of that moment. In other words, each photographer has his own style, which is evident in the angles he chooses, his compositions, edits, lighting and other elements. Choose a photography who best matches your style.


Satisfied clients usually like to share their happy experiences with others. Ask for recommendations from your family and friends. Maybe they’ve worked with a photographer they loved. Remember to check out your prospect’s Yelp or Facebook and read some reviews. It would be great to ask a few of their clients about their experiences with the photographer.


Not all great photographers went to college to get a photography degree. Experience, however, is absolutely necessary. How many clients or shoots have they had in their career as a photographer? How long have they been a professional photographer? Do they specialize in any particular niche? What’s their equipment? Did they complete any post-production programs? You need to know it all.

The Business of It

Choose a photographer who isn’t only a good photographer but a professional one too. They must be organized with their pricing, shoot schedules, editing timelines and he rest. Do they talk to you in a clear and concise manner? Are they accommodating?

On top of that, pick a photographer who already knows the location of the shoot, as well as the people they have to coordinate with during events such as weddings, corporate awarding, and the like.


Finally, find a photographer you will find likable. You can never underestimate the importance of having good chemistry between this pro. If you’re not happy to have your photographer, it will probably show in your photos.

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