5 Things You Should Know About Dating a Female Gamer

When people think gaming, they find it difficult to imagine a lady getting all engrossed in it.

However, there are several female gamers on UK.collected.reviews who are even doing better than their male counterparts. While the excellence of females at gaming is something worth celebrating, our focus here is on dating a female gamer.

If you are considering entering a relationship with a female gamer, here are 5 things you should know.

1.     They value their time a lot

Female gamers place a lot of value on their time and are always willing to find love online. This is because while male gamers get engrossed in playing games at the expense of every other thing that should be done, female gamers are the opposite.

Even though female gamers tend to be passionate about their games, they still try to keep up with many other activities in their lives. To do this, valuing and understanding time management is vital.

2.     They are always very smart

Another reason why dating a female gamer will be a great decision to make is that they end up being very smart. Generally, females are quick thinkers, and from playing games, they become broad thinkers.

When there is a problem, a female gamer can come up with several ways to address that problem and achieve the best outcome.

3.     They are always patient

Patience is a virtue that is, though vital in every relationship, but lacking in some females. Many ladies are quick to act and this ends up ruining their relationships. Female gamers learn patience playing certain games. There are some video games that take hours and patience going through every step before you eventually get to the end of it.

The patience that is learnt playing games always plays out in their relationship. With patience, you are guaranteed less drama and a long lasting relationship when you date a female gamer.

4.     They will always support you

Support is one of the obvious languages of female gamers. Dating a female gamer means that you will get all the support you need at all times. They are literally the best set of people to have in your team.

Female gamers are not just heroes in games; they are also heroes in real life that can help push you beyond your limit to attain your goals.

5.     They won’t cost you much

Whether you are planning to go on a date or want a long lasting relationship, female gamers are the best. Everyone wants a date that won’t cost them so much. You can’t be certain that the lady you are going on a date with won’t cost you much except you are dating a female gamer.

Female gamers may not even want to go out for an expensive date. Staying indoors and getting some food items might be enough to get their attention.

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Should Video Games Be Considered A Sport In 2021

Should Video Gaming Be a School Sport?

When we talk about sports, what readily comes to mind are things like, competitions, winners and losers, spectators, referees, rules, and so on. What about video games? Should they be considered a sport?

The fact can not be denied that the gaming industry has evolved over the years. But some conservatives would argue that video games do not meet sporting criteria or standards. Britainreviews provides you with related experiences in the gaming industry. And you can also see a list of telecom companies in UK online reviews for more on companies in the gaming industry.

However, if video games are well scrutinized, you will find out that they indeed meet a whole lot of sporting criteria such as practice, physical activity, competitiveness, and so on. Let’s take a closer look at some of their defining criteria

1. Contests, Victories, and Losses

One of the foremost bases of any sporting activity is competition. A group or person contests against another group or person depending on what kind of sport it is. Contests lay abound. Even in our environment where our little kids try to outrun one another.

Video games are no exception. They are also competitive too. Games, where players go head to head with another, involves competition and all the intrigues such can bring. Even competing against a simulated opponent still involves competition.

2. Tactical Ability

You might be wondering what sort of tactical skill should a gamer possess or if at all that has to be of any concern to him. Tactical prowess is as much vital in video games as in the usual sporting world.

You would agree that a good striker in a football match must learn how to time his runs in and around his opponent’s box. This is no different in the gaming world. The gamer needs to learn when to deliver a punch and how to react to unfolding scenarios during a game. 

3. Physical Demands

Yes, running up and down a basketball court or a football pitch is surely demanding and can’t be found in video gaming. But the idea here is that even professional gaming involves the strain of mind, stamina to endure a long sequence, focus, and rapid responses which includes pressing of buttons and continuous movement of the joystick.

The argument may be that it is not as physically demanding as found in ross sporting activities. True, but every concept involves its own set of demands.

4. Practice, Discipline, and Training

These are well-known terminologies in sports. These are also found in gaming. To become a proficient professional gamer, practice and dedication are very essential values. This could even become a daily routine. With practice, one grows and becomes more skilled and proficient at something. Gaming is not an exception to this. Proper nutrition and exercise are also essential to ensure the good well-being of a gamer.

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How to Get the Cheapest Gaming Laptop List

Best Budget Gaming Laptops 2021: Value-Packed Cheap Gaming Notebooks - IGN

One of the desires of game lovers is to have a high-quality gaming laptop that they can use to play the latest games without problems. However, the problem with gaming laptops is that they are easily among the costliest types of computers. This is because of the resources required to play games. An average gaming laptop will be expected to have at least double the RAM, processing, and graphic powers than the average office computer, especially if the office laptop is mostly going to be used for word processing, spreadsheets, and other similar applications that do not consume a lot of resources.

Considering that most gamers are young adults who are either being sponsored by their parents or are students and have a lot of other expenses, it is only expected that most will be on a budget. Hence, they would want to get an affordable laptop. A list of current gaming laptops could have easily been supplied. However, technology is such that there are always improvements and new cheapest laptops will better specs will always be available. Hence, this article will guide you to find the cheapest gaming laptop list irrespective of when you come across this article. This article will discuss how you can find the cheapest gaming laptop list and how to choose from the list.

Read reviews

Reading online reviews on a platform like us-reviews.com is an activity that has come to stay and is expected to stay for as long as people are buying things. Even before the advent of online reviews, people often ask others about what products they are using and how good the products are before deciding which to buy. Online reviews have made it easier and it is fast becoming a rule to read reviews before buying a product.

Hence, before buying a gaming laptop, you can read about gaming accessories brands’ reviews to know which cheap laptops are available, their specifications, their capability, and the games you can play with them. If you already have a list of your favorite games, you can tick them off the list of the games that can be played on that specific gaming laptop before deciding as to buy it or not.

Consider alternatives

You must not necessarily go for a brand new gaming laptop if you cannot afford a good one. Opting for used or refurbished laptops could be a way out. You will be able to buy a good laptop with better capabilities than if you have forced yourself to buy a brand new one for the same budget. It is also believed that building a gaming computeris cheaper than buying a branded new gaming laptop. Hence, you can consider all the different options to buying a gaming computer you have available and then opt for the best that suits your budget and needs.

Tip for choosing from a list of cheap gaming laptop: Compromising

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How to Spot the Best Video Games

It is no use spending your time on video games that are of no benefit in any way. Good video games have a lot of benefits and can help you grow in ways that you never thought it was possible. Here are pointers to help you identify the best video games:

Online reviews

Reading online reviews can help you when selecting video games. All you have to do is check out the section of reviews on the website of the video games you want to purchase. This way, you will know how much fun people had when watching the video games, what they liked most about it, what they feel can be improved, how the games have contributed to their intelligence, etc. If you are satisfied with all the things you have read and you are willing to experience the same, you can opt for the video game then. Online reviews platforms such as Britainreviews can also help you know the best gaming computer stores to buy games and gaming hardware.

Choice and age factors

There are lots of video games in the market, but not all of them will resonate with you. you can opt for games that have lots of choices and opportunities for you to explore. When you have such options, you feel powerful. It helps you to own the experience and feel motivated when playing. Also, you can look out for video games which are appropriate for your age. For instance, there is a high possibility that you may not get the experience of your expectations if you go for games meant for kids. A video game built for a young adult will be more sophisticated than one built for a child.

Creativity and experimentation

Some video games allow you to design new levels in an already existing game, thereby enhancing your creativity. Some also allow you to provide constructive feedback and comment constructively. Games that offer media creation as an integral part of the experience are what you should go for. As such, if you are not satisfied with the available levels, there are opportunities for you to make something new. Additionally, you have to experiment time and again to know the game that works best for you. Relying on the descriptions of a video game or what other people say about them may not always be the best. You have to try out different options, and you can even fail at some. Nevertheless, this is part of the experience and will serve you well down the line.

Social element and cool design

You can choose to play a game of solitaire, there is nothing wrong with it. But you should know that games with characters or real people that work together to achieve a common goal help you flourish. In today’s world, social skills like communication, teamwork, tolerance, emotional intelligence, etc. are the cornerstone of any social gathering. Video games with a high social element can help to teach these skills. Also, the … Read More...