Throwing a Party For The Nerd in Your Life

While nerds have a reputation of spending nights alone in their room eating cool ranch doritos and playing video games, they also like to have a good time and party. Whether you’re looking to throw a birthday party for your action-movie loving son or a wedding fit for the iron throne, it’s important to plan ahead for a party that’s equal parts nerdy and fun for everyone.

Throw a Theme Party

If you or the person you’re throwing a party for loves nerd movie or TV culture, why not incorporate their favorite movie or TV show into your event? If you and your spouse-to-be love ‘Star Wars’ tell your wedding reception planner. He or she can find a venue, decorations and flowers fit for the theme. 

Power Up the Party With Video Games

Video games is a common interest for a lot of people. Whether you enjoy playing multi-player games on headsets with people across the world or going to arcades with friends, there is a game that can awaken everyone’s inner kid. Call a party planning company to order video games for your party or wedding. They provide classic arcade games like Pacman, Tron and pinball machines. If your guests don’t consider themselves gamers, they can still have fun with Dance Dance Revolution, golf simulators or Guitar Hero.

Plan Fun Activities

If you or your child catch every Marvel movie and have a collection of comic books, use your party as an opportunity for guests to transform into a superhero. Throw a party in your backyard or local park and throw a field day. Guests can break up into teams based on superheroes like Captain America and Wonder Woman and compete in games like tug of war, relay races and water balloon toss.

Use your party as an excuse to embrace your nerdiness and share your passions with your friends.